8 Clues Your Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Strategy is Going Nowhere Fast

Yesterday I guest posted on Windmill Networking:
WARNING: 8 Clues Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Implementation and Measurement Strategy is Bogus. I encourage you to read the full post. It’s about how so many nonprofits really don’t have a clue why they’re doing social media at all.  And, if they are doing it, they may have bogus objectives and/or measurement strategies – so it’s difficult to tell whether it’s worth the investment. If you or your boss or your board wonders what the ROI is on social media — this post is for you.
There are lots of other good social media articles on the WMN blog too! If you just want the bare bones, check out the summary here.  (The full post is more informative, with links to other great resources. Promise).

8 clues you may not be optimally exercising social media for your organization:
1.  Your business objectives, measurement methods and investment in social marketing are not aligned.
2.  You don’t have an enlightened social strategy that is fully integrated with the rest of your marketing and business strategy.
3.  You aren’t measuring the right things.
4.  You aren’t tapping into the true potential of social.
5.  You aren’t investing enough to succeed.
6.  You aren’t using the right platform(s) to engage your target constituencies.
7.  You haven’t considered outsourcing as a way to be more effective.
8.  You haven’t embraced the importance of CEO visibility and engagement.
Embrace the worthiness of an investment in social media, while accepting that it’s not easy.  Peter Drucker famously said that all good ideas degenerate into hard work.  Social media. Great idea. Not free. Not child’s play. You’ve got to work it.
Borrow from all the good implementation tactics and measurement tools out there.  No one has to reinvent the wheel at this point. Participate with purpose. Engage wisely.

Get a clue!
Check out the full post with links to great resources.
And if you’ve got additional clues, please share.

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