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Here’s this week’s Clairity Click-it, the most intriguing and thought-provoking of the more than 100 articles I seem to read every week – all in an easy-to-“click-it” format with links to posts in fundraising, marketing, social media, leadership, change and all sorts of good stuff. I aim for an eclectic array, often sourced from more than one discipline, as I believe we can learn a lot from our colleagues in other sectors.

Of course, I add in a few comments of my own.

Let’s begin:

Social Media

Click-it: What Marketers Want to Know in 2013. From Heidi Cohen’s marketing blog comes this list of the top 7 social media platforms based on Social Media Examiner’s 2013 State of Social Media Report. Some of what you find here may surprise you (especially #2). Why do I like it? Number one, their first pick is my first pick as well. Number two, the post includes 7 actionable insights to help you rock your nonprofit’s social media strategy.  What Marketers Want to Know in 2013.

Pitching and Persuading

Click-it: Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff. This is a book review from Roger Dooley’s always fascinating neuroscience/marketing blog. It offers a way to think about keeping meeting participants engaged and curious, making better presentations and framing conversations with your prospects so you get the outcomes you seek. Plus, I absolutely love this blog. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a treat.


Click-it: White House Landing Page Video Critique From marketing expert Peter Sandeen comes this insightful article about how to improve your “subscribe” call to action so that more visitors join your email list. Headline, copy, email form, privacy policy, images… it’s all here! And it’s practical too.

And while we’re on the subject… check out this awesome landing page from Grist TV. They clearly know their audience!


Click-it: Can Anyone Read the Writing on Your Blog  This comes via Jeff Bullas’ blog in a guest post by Diana Kightlinger. Maybe I’ve been living in a cave, but I never knew there was such an easy way to check the readability of your writing.  This is fun!

Cause Marketing

Click-it: Don’t fundraise alone. Instead consider . . . From Karen Zapp’s nonprofit blog we’re treated to some great suggestions of ways to persuade e-retailers to partner with your nonprofit.  You’ve got to know what’s in it for them in order to make a successful pitch.

Video Trending

Click-it: Nonprofit Videos: Best Practices and Benchmarks From Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog and a new benchmark report comes this reminder that all nonprofits today should be using video: “Video, like websites before it, will become one of those communications tools that are indispensable to organizations.”  There’s a link to a free 3-part Nonprofit Video Learning Series  (the first one happened, but there’s still next Tuesday and the following).

The Clairity Click-it is a weekly publication linking to insights inspired by the 7 Clairification Principles that help you “clairify” your values, stories, branding opportunities, social marketing channels, support constituencies, engagement objectives and resources. Your comments are welcomed!

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