If it’s Broke, Better Fix it: Two Disarming Truths

What's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Truths: Today, there are two things broken from my perspective: (1) my arm, and (2) the donor pyramid.

Yup! I’m really not much of a camper, but had a momentary lapse in judgement over the week-end. Kaboom!

Luckily, I managed to type up an article about the sad state of the donor pyramid prior to being reduced to a one-handed hunter/pecker (because this method is SLOW, baby)! That article, “R.I.P.Donor Pyramid,  is gracing the cover of the May/June Fundraising Success Magazine, so I hope you’ll check it out over there and let me know what you think. Here’s my bottom line:

Pyramids are a bit like me struggling to type an article with one hand. Forced. A lot of work. And in the end, what do you get? A death chamber!  Sorry to be morbid (maybe it’s the pain meds ), but they’re where people go to die (yes, remember the pyramids were built as tombs). Why are we forcing people up to the top?

Just to get them there and hope they’ll expire so we can get their planned gifts? That sounds like the antithesis of a donor-centric strategy. Yes, perhaps it used to work. Or at least it was the best model we had. But times change. Those who don’t adapt, die.

There is a solution that works very nicely in the current environment. One that focuses not just on the strength of the dollars given, but on the love and engagement freely offered. One driven not by fundraising, but by philanthropy (i.e., “love of human kind”). One fueled not by singular transactions, but by transformative interactions that lead to deep, lasting relationships.

Hint: The same thing's wrong with this one. It's broken!

Hint: The same thing’s wrong with this one. It’s broken!

So check out the full article in Fundraising Success to see how to infuse your fundraising this year with some added juice. And have your marketing staff read this article too. Then team up and see what you can get going to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with your would-be supporters.


Check out my 50 Ways to Move Your Donor Solution Kit — with it’s own special social media section. Simple and fun.

P.S. I apparently need surgery, so my activity on Clairification will be reduced over the next several weeks. Just wanted to let you know what’s up. And happy long week-end (Memorial Day) to my U.S.-based readers. Try not to break anything! :-)

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  1. So sorry to hear about your arm, Claire – yikes! And so glad you are still hunting and pecking out the great content! Love this perspective on the donor pyramid and am looking forward to reading the full article. Take care of that arm!!!

  2. Derek Floyd says:

    Sending healing energy your way! Looking forward to the article!

  3. Claire, so sorry to hear about your arm. Sending lots of healing prayers and thoughts for you. Take care and follow the doctors orders.

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