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The Click-it is jam-packed with meaty articles this week – lots of stuff you can really use from some of my favorite writers/fundraising and marketing communications experts. Plus, of course, some fun stuff. And at the end you’ll find some great opportunities to get amazingly high-quality training, and it won’t cost you a dime! Continue Reading

Surprising Science: Do Men and Women Respond to Different Fundraising Appeals?

man and woman back to back Surprising Science: Do Men and Women Respond to Different Fundraising Appeals?Male Donors Respond Best to Pitches That Stress Self-Interest, Study Says. I came across this Stanford research study in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, and I have to say I’m surprised.

The article claims there’s an “empathy gap” between men and women. Because of this, it advises emphasizing how the prospective male donor will benefit from their philanthropy, rather than highlighting the impact of their philanthropy on the beneficiary.

Hmmn… I’m not certain the right take away from this research is to smother men with “hard” factual data and women with “soft” emotional stories. Because I’ve read study after study that show the heart trumps the mind – and stories out pull data — every time.Continue Reading

Clairity Click-it: Philanthropists; Creative Stuff: YouTube, Twitter, Visuals; Thanking

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Happy Friday the 13th! It’s my lucky day – both I and my son were born on Friday the 13th – so I feel only good things can happen today. Speaking of which, I’ve got some lovely “feel good” goodies for you today. Since “Heart Day” is tomorrow, let’s start with philanthropy – meaning “love of humankind.” Then I’ve got some fun social media and creative stuff to help you really stick out in the minds of your constituents.Continue Reading

Want 17 Surprising Headline Hacks to Boost Click-throughs?

Head in paper bag 231x300 Want 17 Surprising Headline Hacks to Boost Click throughs?

Never be ashamed of your headlines again!!!

I know you’re working overtime to get more folks to pay attention to what you have to say. You want them to listen to you. You want them to volunteer with you. You want them to attend your events. You want them to support you. Where do you begin?

Get them to notice you! In How to Write an Irresistible Headline on the Convince and Convert blog you’ll learn how. I commend the full article to you. For me, here are the highlights:Continue Reading

Clairity Click-it: Boards & Fundraising; Storytelling; Social Media; Email

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First, you’ve still got time to send your donors some Valentine’s Day love. If you missed Monday’s post, check it out here. Meanwhile, today I’ve got another eclectic mix of links for you from across the World Wide Web – both from nonprofit and for profit sources. Enjoy!Continue Reading

8 Top Ways to Send Nonprofit Donors Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine Monterey Aquarium 300x300 8 Top Ways to Send Nonprofit Donors Love on Valentine’s Day

Monterey Bay Aquarium shares the love with their donors.

Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity for donor stewardship!

I hope that by now you know donor retention is the name of the game. It costs so much more to acquire a new donor than to keep an existing one. Yet too few nonprofits have serious, intentional donor stewardship programs in place. Because of that, on average, nonprofits lose 7 out of 10 first-time donors and 6 out of 10 ongoing ones.

Don’t be one of those organizations whose donors only hear from you when you want something from them. Be generous, and show them how much their support means to you. You’ll be amazed at how a little love can go a long way.

There are 364 other days each year on which you can fundraise.

This year why not dedicate Valentine’s Day to giving, not asking? Think about those donors for whom you’d like to show some special love. It could be your major donors. Or your monthly donors. Or your donors who’ve given faithfully for five years or more. Or your donors who also volunteer. Or your board and committee members.Continue Reading

Clairity Click-it: Give to Donors with Thank You’s and Stories

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It’s the last Friday in January, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. That’s a great day to send your donors some love – and that’s what Monday’s post will be all about. So… keep your eyes peeled!

Meanwhile, today I’ve got stuff to get you in a giving and sharing mood. Today it’s all about telling stories and saying thank you. Both are ways of offering your donors gifts. And I hope by now you know that if you want to get gifts, you must first give them.Continue Reading

Top 10 Nonprofit Leadership Lessons for 2015: Think Differently

Think different 300x249 Top 10 Nonprofit Leadership Lessons for 2015: Think DifferentlyThe Fast Company Blog gives us The Top 10 Best Business Lessons Of 2014. They’re all lessons in leadership. Here’s how I see them applying to your nonprofit in the coming year:

10 Nonprofit Leadership Lessons to Unlock Your Potential This Year

Continue Reading

Clairity Click-it: Get Outside the Mailbox

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Click it!

Today I’ve got stuff to help you get outside the traditional mail box. It’s a great way to communicate with folks – tried and true – but you have many more options in 2015. If you get stuck in the past you’re going to miss out on a lot of potential donors.

Did you know that when the telephone was invented people thought it would be disruptive and distracting? This is the year to seamlessly integrate strategic social media into all your fundraising and marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Click-It: 6 Strategies to Add to Your Social Media Marketing Plan for 2015 comes from Margot daCunha on the Busisness2Community blog and includes some great tips for charities seeking to build greater awareness and community in the year ahead. One great take-away: “Build a community rather than a number of followers.”

Click-It: How to Start a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes. Another super useful post from Jeff Bullas. If your nonprofit doesn’t have a blog yet – what, are you nuts? – you owe it to yourself to check out this article.

Click-It: FINALLY! A Checklist for Social Media Marketing that Actually Helps. This is some nice practical stuff from Aaron Lee at PostPlanner. How to (1) define your audience; (2) create shareable content, and (3) get your social on using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Slideshare – all the biggies!

Click-It: Click here for a FREE Guide: The 2015 Social Marketing Planning Guide
from the folks at Social Media Examiner. Ten fresh tactics based on 2014 trends they expect to shape this coming year, and ways to refine your brand’s social strategy for success.


Click-It: TELEFUNDRAISING: It’s different for us. If you’ve never considered hiring a good telemarketing firm, this article from the Hillborn blog may have you thinking again. One big take-away that also applies to other strategies (direct mail?) you may be forgoing: Just because you hate it doesn’t mean everyone else does. Thanks to Jeff Brooks for the heads up on this article.

Online Crowd Fundraising

Click-it: A Few Good Tools for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising from Idealware brings you a nice summary of the pros and cons of online crowd fundraising. The Value of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Nonprofits[Infographic] from the folks at Dojiggy lays out the benefits of online software – in visual form — to simplify your crowd fundraising and amplify the reach of your campaigns. Caveat: Just buying software won’t make you successful. You need to plan and manage your campaign as well as provide training and ongoing support to your volunteers. Can you commit these resources?

Click-it: If you missed The Fundraising Summit earlier this month, you can still purchase all of the great webinars in one fell swoop. If you figure out the cost per webinar, it’s a huge deal. And the webinars are yours to keep for whenever you may need them! Why not buy yourself a talking library of experts for a song? You may never find all these folks together in one place again.

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Grab your spot now!

Last Day to Register for Major Gifts Strategies

My most-loved course — Winning Major Gift Strategies for small and medium-size shops — is back by popular demand. You still have time to register TODAY. All the materials are yours for life, so even if you’re away for one of the weeks the course is offered, it’s okay. And you can add up to 5 team members – for no additional fee. That’s right; you heard me. It comes out to about $20/person – a crazy bargain. Why? I want you to make a difference in the world! I want your donors to make a difference in the world! Is it worth $20/person to make an outsized impact on the world? Sign up!

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Philanthropy, Not Fundraising: I Have a Dream 2015

Moonrise large Philanthropy, Not Fundraising: I Have a Dream 2015

I have a dream…

I have a dream for 2015 – and beyond. I have a dream  this is the year your organization will move beyond defining yourself by what you’re not (nonprofit) and will begin to define yourself by what you are (social benefit). I have a dream  this is the year your people will move from an attitude of taking and hitting people up (aka “fundraising”) to a mindset of giving and lifting people up (aka “philanthropy”). I have a dream this is the year your staff and volunteers will move from enacting transactions to enabling transformation.

I have a dream you will think big, because thinking small will not get you where you need to go. You will understand there is great power in a big, wildly exciting vision. You will share this vision broadly to attract people — and financial resources — to your cause. You will no longer be content to remain a “well-kept secret.”

I have a dream you will learn who your best influencers  and advocates are and you will embrace them.  You will recognize you are no longer your best messenger. You will understand that many forces beyond you influence your donor’s decision to invest with you, and you will expand your thinking and operations from a one-dimensional to a multi-dimensional model.  You will allow your constituents to engage with you at multiple points of entry, and to move freely between these points during the lifecycle of their engagement.

I have a dream you will push yourself and your organization towards transformative change.Continue Reading