Clairity Click-it: Basket of Delightful Nonprofit Resources

Take your donor down the pathway to passionate philanthropy

Take your donor down the pathway to passionate philanthropy


Here are some goodies to help you raise as much money as possible during the last quarter of the calendar year! Keep your focus on inspiring storytelling that sets you apart from everyone else, yet don’t forget that who you tell your story to matters as much as how you tell it.  As does where you disseminate it (hopefully not just by snail mail, but also online and face to face). Click on these links to helpful articles I hope will delight you.Continue Reading

How to Use Psychology to Pre-Suede Donors to Give

Are you leading with a “gift” or “favor” to positively incline your donor to say "yes"

Are you leading with a “gift” or “favor” to positively incline your donor to say “yes”


What can you do now to prime the pump so your donors are pre-disposed to give to you when they receive your year-end appeal?

In Part 1 of this two-part series I described some new research from Robert Cialdini, author of the seminal Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, and the new book, Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, and discussed how you might apply this research to your fundraising strategies. We learned the importance of leading with a “gift” or “favor” that would incline your donor favorably in your direction.

I promised that today we’d take a look at how to cement the likelihood your favor is returned, as well as explore some types of favors that are likely to be perceived as valuable.Continue Reading

How to Humanize Your Nonprofit Work by Building Empathy

empathy word cloudI am so inspired!

I recently learned about Van Jones’ virtual reality experiment, Day of Empathy via this video (thank you, thank you, thank you to Nancy Schwartz for writing about this on her Getting Attention nonprofit marketing blog: OMG Experiment to Connect & Activate (Dream Corps Case Study). The idea is to use virtual reality to build empathy (i.e., to help people walk in the shoes of others) in order to motivate action.

The idea of using virtual reality to build empathy on a communal scale is brilliant!

And it ties back to Darwin’s theory of survival.Continue Reading

What’s Nonprofit Content’s Purpose? Awareness or Money?

Are you focusing on the purpose of your content marketing?

Are you focusing on the purpose of your content marketing?


I know you’re probably thinking “both.”

Or maybe you’re thinking “awareness.”

That’s why, too often, nonprofit communications are considered the step-child of fundraising. A support function, rather than an essential one.

Because your answer to the question “What’s the purpose of our nonprofit content marketing” should be MONEY.Continue Reading

10 Ways to Build Donor Trust and Overcome Negative Views about Charities

trustWhat prompted me to write this article was a recent post by Matthew Sherrington on the 101 Fundraising Blog about the dangers to the public benefit sector posed by erosion of trust.  We’ve known for some time that whenever there’s a charity scandal, the bad behavior of one player can become detrimental to all.  But over the past year in the U.K. the problem has become even more challenging. Could it happen here?  Matthew says “yes.”  And I concur.  Trust is a fragile thing.

In the U.K what happened was a perfect storm of perceived over-solicitation and insufficient outcomes, exacerbated by a barrage of media that sounded an alarm about nefarious practices.  Trust plummeted. A wake-up call, for sure.

But what does it mean? Continue Reading

8 Tips Fundraisers Can Learn From Street Beggars

Your money can become my sandwich

What I learned from a street beggar* (see “Note” below).

Last week a street beggaraka panhandler asked me for money and I gave it to her.  I don’t usually do this because I wonder how the money may be used and tend to give, instead, to philanthropic organizations that help the homeless and marginally employed population.  This time was different, and I want to share with you the lessons learned.  Here’s her pitch:
Can you please give me $2.00 so I can buy a sandwich? Maybe a little later for lunch?
This amazingly simple request – and everything about her approach and follow-up –works on multiple levels.  And the principles apply not just to street beggars but also to nonprofit fundraising:

Continue Reading

How to Fundraise like it’s Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

How to Fundraise Like it's Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowTwo good posts recently at re: charity (Brady Josephson) and Future Fundraising Now (Jeff Brooks) about what charities should do today to prepare for tomorrow. Both embrace a quote from Jeff Bezos:

I very frequently get the question: ‘What’s going to change in the next 10 years?’ I almost never get the question: ‘What’s not going to change in the next 10 years?’ And I submit to you that that second question is actually the more important of the two — because you can build a business strategy around the things that are stable in time.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow are sort of the same.

Sounds good.

But think about this a bit more.Continue Reading

12 Ways to Take Your Nonprofit Blog from Mind-Numbing to Mesmerizing

Is your content causing light bulbs to pop for your potential supporters? If not, what can you do about it?

Is your content causing light bulbs to pop for your potential supporters? If not, what can you do about it?


Ah, social content marketing. I’ve told you it’s one of the fundamental “Dive the 5” strategies you must master to be successful with fundraising in today’s marketplace.

Which is why I want to share with you some quick and easy tips to take your blog (or e-newsletter*) from a snoozefest to a usefest. You see, the content you serve up to folks has to be useful to them.  You want to see their eyes bulging out of their sockets with excitement, not rolling back into their heads with boredom.

And you have to do this with every single issue.  Every single post.  Consistency is key. Because you need to get folks into the habit of jumping for joy when they see your brand in their mailbox. Not into the habit of hitting “delete” before they even take a look at all the hard work you’ve put into your content. So… where to begin?Continue Reading

3 Content, Social and Online Marketing Media for Every Nonprofit

Online Marketing

Online Social Content Marketing: The ‘Mouthful’ Your Nonprofit Needs


Today we continue with Clairification’s virtual online curriculum – 5 Things Nonprofits and Fundraisers Must Do to Succeed in 2016.

Last week I introduced the concept of integrating donor-centered fundraising with online social content marketing. I’ve found that most fundraisers and executive directors think they know more about the first part of this two-part equation than the latter, so I’m going to begin today with where I see too many nonprofits missing the boat.

Today, we’re going to dig a little deeper into ‘online social content marketing’:Continue Reading

Successful Storytelling: 5 Foolproof Ways to Raise Money

Draw your audience in by capturing their imagination with a compelling tale!

Draw your audience in by capturing their imagination with a compelling tale!


Content is the heart of your successful fundraising strategy.

If you don’t sell it, you won’t connect with your audience. And if you don’t do that, you haven’t got a snowball’s chance in you know where to persuade folks to give to you to further your mission.

This is where learning to become a master storyteller comes in. I know you’ve heard this before. Storytelling is the meme du jour. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay real attention.

We’re in a content marketing zeitgeist.

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