Clairity Click-it: Fundraising Wisdom; Retention; Overhead; Time Management; Software; Social Marketing; Major Gifts

Clairity Click-it includes links to fundraising and nonprofit marketing resources from around the web.

Happy New Year! Here comes the first 2016 “Clairity Click-it” — an eclectic kick-off to the year. I find so many great resources across the World Wide Web, some from other disciplines, and I want to share those I find most helpful. There’s so much the nonprofit sector should be learning and borrowing from others […]

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What Your Donors Won’t Tell You about Your Nonprofit Newsletter

Is this how your newsletter makes your donor feel?

Is this how your newsletter makes your donor feel? It’s boring them to tears. Actually, let me rephrase. Not to tears. That would mean they’re feeling an emotional connection. Sadly, they’re not. Most donor newsletters are boring to the point of numbness. You’re not making the impact you need to make to keep your donors, […]

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Clairity Click-it: Free Holiday Gifts + Useful Fundraising & Nonprofit Management Articles

This week's Clairity Click-it Gifts -- wrapped up in my blog. Open them!

This week’s Clairity Click-it Holiday Gifts — wrapped up in my blog. OPEN THEM! This week’s Click-it is more of a holiday season “Open-it” collection of gifts. For the second year in a row, I’ve gone shopping and will offer you one or more free gifts every week from now until the end of the […]

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13 Smart Year-End Fundraising Strategies

Team toasting

Here’s to December 31st! It’s here, it’s here! That giving time of year! My dear, don’t fear! It’s time to get in gear! Good cheer, get clear, As the year-end draws near… Bad poetry aside, it really is the time to get all your ducks in a row so you don’t miss out on this […]

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Clairity Click-it Year-End Giving Edition 3: Online Frenzy Time

This week's Clairity Click-it Gifts -- wrapped up in my blog. Open them!

This week’s Clairity Click-it Collection + Holiday Gifts — wrapped up in my blog. OPEN THEM! In my previous Year-End Fundraising Planning Editions One  and Two I promised I would have more for you as year-end – and the biggest fundraising time of the year for most nonprofits – inexorably approaches.  Salsa reports that end-of-year […]

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Supercharge Your Year-End Nonprofit Emails with Foolproof Subject Lines ♡


4 Killer Techniques Plus some Secret Little Tips (see below) Still stuck for subject lines for your year-end emails? Your subject line is like your outer envelope for direct mail. A window into your message. Make sure it’s open enough to give a glimpse of something intriguing… urgent… exciting… emotional… shocking… funny… useful… anything compelling […]

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One Key Idea to Simplify Nonprofit Donor Retention


Want to keep more donors? It’s simple really. What it all boils down to is one key idea. YOU. You and the role you play in assuring your donor gets lasting satisfaction from their gift. A prompt, personal thank you is a beginning. Yet it won’t have lasting effect. You must go above and beyond […]

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Not Your Usual Year-End Nonprofit Donation Issues


I doubt you’re worrying your pretty little heads about this stuff, but you should be. Because year-end giving is simply too fraught with angst — and it needn’t be that way! Giving to your nonprofit should be a joyful experience for your donors – before, during and after the transaction. Not an anxious period of […]

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Clairity Click-it: Large Scale Change; Leadership; Year-End; Social Tools; Gratitude; Team Building; Multi-Channel

Clairity Click-it Thanksgiving

This week’s Click-it is an eclectic mix of goodies. Maybe not as good as Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie, but sometimes your mind and soul need feeding too! To my friends in the U.S. who celebrate Thanksgiving this week, have a good one filled with many blessings. For those of you scattered […]

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3-Word Formula Guaranteed to Raise Money


I consider these three words the holy trinity of fundraising success. They are simple. They are easy to remember. They really work. Plus, if you wrap them up with some emotional color, you’ve got an offer that can’t be refused. Let’s take a look.

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