4 Tips to Getting Your Year-End Annual Fundraising Appeal Opened

An envelope that screams "open me!" is the first step to a successful appeal.

My guess is that you’re starting to think about your year-end appeal. Good! Because between mid November and December 31st many nonprofits will realize as much as 40% or more of their total giving for the calendar year. In fact, there’s research showing that 33% of December giving occurs on December 31st! The holidays are [...]

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Check Your Next Appeal Letter Against This 16-Point List Before Sending

Your 16-Point Fundraising Appeal Checklist

Are you starting to worry about whether you’ll raise enough money this year to meet your goals? Are you concerned because last year’s appeal didn’t raise as much as you had hoped? Are you fresh out of ideas for what to put into an appeal to generate the giving response you need to sustain vital [...]

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It’s Not That Hard: 6 Secrets to Succeeding with Online Fundraising

6 spheres

Julia C. Campbell and I were clearly separated at birth, and I’ve told her as much. Because I tend to agree – in spades – with everything she writes.  [Plus, her middle name is Claire, so what further proof is needed?]  Her recent article, 6 Ways Nonprofits Are Getting Online Fundraising All Wrong, is no [...]

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Why Your Nonprofit Should Dump Your Marketing Communications Program

Puzzled why your old school marketing communications program isn't delivering for you as you wished it would? HINT: Embrace content marketing.

Because I’ll bet you it’s not embracing two key elements essential to raising awareness and getting folks to engage with you in 2014 and beyond. What’s that? (1) Content marketing. (2) Social media. For real. Let me explain.

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A Guide to Really Making Your Donors Your Heroes: Case Example

Cover for Attitude of Gratitude Guide

You’ve probably heard this advice before. “Make your donors your heroes.” It’s a lot easier said than done. As Jeff Brooks opined in You and your donors: Who’s the sidekick?, too often we get it backwards and tell donors how awesome we are; then we ask “How’d you like to be my sidekick?” Rather, we [...]

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Clairity Click-it: Invest in Fundraising; Social Media Measurement; Donor Retention; Annual Fund; Major Gifts

Invest in Fundraising This end of July (can you believe it?) Clairity Click-it brings a lot of great tips about how to plan ahead to take your fundraising to new heights next year. We start with resources, move on to thinking about measuring success, and then end with three core programs every development program should [...]

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What do Lukewarm Tapioca and Molten Chocolate Cake have to do with Fundraising?

Does this get your attention? Is this a heart you could wrap your heart around? Make you want a taste?

Or… What Your Donors Won’t Tell You about Your Nonprofit Messaging. At first blush, tepid tapioca and gooey hot chocolate might appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with securing vital resources to further your mission. Blush again. Blush hard. Think of all the good things you could accomplish were you to more effectively master [...]

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A Baker’s Dozen of Nonprofit Blogging Do’s and Don’ts – Pt.2

I've baked up 7 more nonprofit blogging  tips for you -- so now you've got a full Baker's Dozen!

Last week, in part 1 of this post, I encouraged you to begin blogging if you’re not doing so already. And, if you are, to do so more effectively. Make your blog the hub of your content marketing. It will simplify your life in so many ways, and become the anchor for your marketing communications [...]

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A Baker’s Dozen of Nonprofit Blogging Do’s and Don’ts – Pt.1

Warm up with a baker's dozen of nonprofit blogging tips.

If you’ve been reading Clairification you know by now that I’m a huge blog booster for nonprofits.  If you don’t have a blog yet, you should get one. Pronto! Yup, I think they’re that important. And don’t tell me you don’t have the bandwidth. You absolutely do. You just have to rethink your modus operandi. [...]

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To Blog, or Not to Blog? Only if You Do it Right. Do You?

Is this what your readers get from your blog posts? A big sucking sound? You may think it's cute, but... think again. You really don't want your blog to SUCK!

Do you have a mature social media operation, or are you just a baby? Or a teen? Babies babble. Teens make it all about themselves. Are you simply using Twitter to babble? Facebook to say “look at me?”  Or have you embraced a more full-grown strategy?  The best place to start, and the fastest way [...]

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