Clairity Click-it: Social Content Marketing for Fundraising; Giving Psychology; Donor Metrics; Boards

Two computer mice in discussion

What did one mouse say to the other mouse? Click-it! To all my friends in the U.S., Happy Independence Day and I hope you get to enjoy a long, lovely refreshing week-end. To everyone else, why not pretend it’s a holiday and do something just for you?!. Because it’s summer, I’m giving you a light […]

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4 Things Clothing Upcycling Can Teach Nonprofits about Donor Retention

messy stuffed closet

Stop discarding clothes (letting donors lapse); Treasure them (renew and upgrade). I know this may sound silly, but I sometimes like to think of my donors as clothing. Huh? Well, shopping is one of my favorite activities so I think about clothing a lot. I think about the many ways I can use it, repurpose […]

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Clairity Click-it All about Donors: Retention, Communications, Stewardship, Donor Centricity

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Click it! This week is all about your donors: keeping them; communicating with them, taking care of them and meeting them where they are. I’ve got several really useful articles for you. Not too many. It’s summer, after all! Plus, as always, some terrific upcoming learning opportunities for you. Donor Retention

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Why are Good Nonprofit Fundraisers Hard to Keep? RESPECT

Can't get no...

I can’t get no… Fundraisers report that money is the number one reason they leave their jobs [See Part I of this two-part series here]. While I do believe too many fundraisers are underpaid relative to their skill sets and performance, I’ve a hunch it’s not the real chief culprit for fundraiser dissatisfaction. What is? […]

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Why are Good Nonprofit Fundraisers Hard to Keep? MONEY

Money is only part of the story of why fundraisers leave

Money is only part of the story of why fundraisers leave If you’re a fundraiser, does this sound like you? Show me my money!!! According to five years of research by Penelope Burk (culminating in her book, Donor-Centered Leadership) as well as a much-talked-about study by CompassPoint and the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, […]

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3 Ways to Integrate Your Nonprofit’s Marketing and Fundraising

You can't deliver your message today the way you did 10 years ago

You can’t deliver your message today the way you did 10 years ago Avoid becoming irrelevant in the digital age. It’s revolutionized fundraising and nonprofit marketing. There are so many different ways to communicate today that it can be dizzying! Ground yourself by remembering that though technology has changed, people have not. We have the […]

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6 Secrets to Rock Multi-Channel Integrated Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns

rock musician

How you can rock your multi-channel social media and online/offline fundraising strategy! This post includes 6 expert tips and best practices for any business, including a non-profit, wanting to run an integrated marketing campaign that generates more potential donors and raises more dollars. Wait! What is an integrated marketing campaign? An integrated marketing campaign is a marketing […]

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Partner to Solve Social Problems; Stop Acting in Silos


Does this look like a 21st century nonprofit to you? Ask someone on the street if there are too many nonprofits addressing the same causes. Most likely, you’ll get a resounding “yes.” When there’s a crisis, folks are confused as to which relief agency they should give their money. When a friend is diagnosed with […]

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Clairity Click-it Memorial Day Edition: Let’s Get Social

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Click it! Since Memorial Day in the U.S. is often a very social holiday (think picnics and barbecues and family get-togethers) I thought I’d offer you a click-it with helpful tips on social media. Heck, love it or hate it, it’s not going away. So we may as well celebrate what it makes possible! I […]

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10 Ways to Slay Sharing Nonprofit Content on Social Media

Figure out a killer way to capture folks attention.

Figure out a killer way to capture folks attention. We live in an information overload society. So much competes for folks’ attention that they don’t even open your content, let alone share it. If your content isn’t getting shared, here’s what you do: You figure out a killer way to capture their attention in much […]

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