October Halloween Nonprofit Blog Carnival – Major Gifts Tricks and Treats

If your major donors are looking like this, you're not treating them properly!

  Fear not! The Halloween Nonprofit Blog Carnival is back, offering tricks and treats galore from nonprofit experts all around the web – a full Baker’s Dozen (or shall I say a Witches Coven)! — to help you find, cultivate, solicit and steward your major donors. When you trick and treat, you always like to […]

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9 Tricks to BOOst Nonprofit Social Media Traffic and Engagement – Part 1


Did I scare you with that big BOO!? Aw, shucks. Just trying to get you in the mood for Halloween. I want you to have more than a ghost of a chance at generating leads and converting visitors into supporters. And that’s why I’m offering up 9 tricks to help you make your social media […]

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Clairity Click-it: Think; Fundraising Habits; Donor Retention; Landing Pages

Boo!  Click-it!

Here are a bunch of October goodies for you. Treats to get you thinking about the role of philanthropy in society…  habits of the most effective fundraisers…  what it takes to grow loyal supporters… how to assure your website visitors don’t run from you screaming in horror…  and much more. And these treats won’t even […]

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How to Deal with Disgruntled Donors: Don’t Waste Valuable Complaints

Don't waste valuable donor communications -- whatever form they take!

I’m going to tell you to do exactly what I do. Don’t ignore a single disgruntled supporter. Express compassion and contrition. If someone takes the time to tell you they’re unhappy, that means they care. They’re connected to you. They want something from you, and you’re disappointing them. This is your golden opportunity to get […]

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Clairity Click-it Donor Communication Special: Eliminate Silos; Customer Service; Social Media; Content Marketing; Using the Phone + Call for Submissions

Click it for donor communication tips galore!

Donor Communication Special Edition I cannot say this strongly enough. Do not segregate marketing and fundraising as separate silos. When it comes to fundraising, communication with your donors should not be an “add-on.” Nor should it be relegated to the marketing department. As the guru of donor-centered fundraising, Penelope Burk, states: It is a core […]

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It’s Blog Action Day: No Blog Needed to Participate; Learn How – and Feel Good!

This year's Blog Action Day issue is growing inequality - how can we make our world more just?

Did you know today is Blog Action Day? It’s a day when bloggers all over the world get together to shine a light on one single thing that’s not going right in our world. We shine this light on Blog Action Day so that, together, we can fix things. There’s an old Jewish parable that […]

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10 Ways to Earn Donors’ Trust and Confidence

Do you know about these 10 donor rights and privileges?

  Do you know about The Donor’s Bill of Rights? Does your staff know about it? Your board of directors? If you do know about it, do you heed it? You should. For the sake of your donors. For the sake of your nonprofit. For the sake of the entire social benefit sector.

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Clairity Click-it: Donor Communication; Donor-Centered Leadership; Call for Submissions

Boo!  Click-it!

Here’s a timely October Click-it to help you get ready to communicate in a donor-friendly fashion with all your supporters this fall.  It’s giving and gratitude season, so grab yourself some great advice and be thankful — for the wisdom of the experts and for your donors.  May the force be with you. And don’t […]

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Find Yourself Failing at Fundraising? Put on Your Radiator Cap!

Put on your radiator cap and spread the joy of your mission far and wide!

Do you find yourself sinking into a fundraising hole? If so, you’re not the first. And you won’t be the last. I’m going to tell you how to begin to dig yourself out! First, stop blaming others. It’s not because so-and-so foundation just pulled their grant (how dare they?).  It’s not because the government just […]

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8 Nonprofit Lead Generation Take-Aways from the Ice Bucket Challenge

Celebrate what your nonprofit can learn about social media and fundraising from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Whether you fall into the “it was just dumb luck” or the “whoa… that was brilliant” camp when it comes to evaluating the recent Ice Bucket Challenge social media + fundraising phenomenon, there is certainly much to be learned. I’m still amazed at the pooh-poohers who are wringing their hands over the fact that it’s […]

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