10 Ways to Build Donor Trust and Overcome Negative Views about Charities


What prompted me to write this article was a recent post by Matthew Sherrington on the 101 Fundraising Blog about the dangers to the public benefit sector posed by erosion of trust.  We’ve known for some time that whenever there’s a charity scandal, the bad behavior of one player can become detrimental to all.  But […]

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Nonprofit Overhead Worth: When is More not Less?

Nonprofit Overhead Cost: When is More Not Less?

In A dollar more (vs. a dollar less) Seth Godin provocatively suggests you consider a race to the top. This made me immediately think of the nonprofit overhead conundrum.  Too many nonprofits feel stuck with trying to justify the amount of money they spend on staff and infrastructure in a race to lure more donors to […]

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Clairity Click-it: Culture of Philanthropy; Donor Retention; Online Social Fundraising; Annual Fund; Food for Thought + Free Stuff

To Noah and Margaret -- the marriage of true hearts -- may they always "click-it" together (Your proud Mama loves you).

My son got married this week-end (!), so I got a bit behind in my every-other-Friday publishing schedule for the “Clairity Click-it.” Please enjoy these links and free resources. I hope you’ll find plenty of food for thought, plus some useful practical tools to help you along your journey towards making the world a kinder, […]

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Important News about Relationship Fundraising: Stop Losing Donors

Do you know how you may be breaking your donor's heart? Keep it up, and they'll break yours.

This is important. It’s about a new report that may change how you do fundraising. It should. Let me explain. Unless you’ve been asleep at the wheel, by now you should know that most nonprofits have been hemorrhaging donors. By tending to focus more on expensive, staff-intensive acquisition strategies like direct mail and special events, […]

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Get Social to Create Awareness for Your Nonprofit

The majority of nonprofits are not paying enough attention to social media. This may have been understandable five years ago. Today, it’s just plain dumb. If You’re Absent No one Can See You Nonprofits constantly talk about their need to “build awareness.” In our digital world, it should be patently obvious that if you want […]

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Clairity Click-it: Donor Retention; Content Marketing; Boards; Learning Opportunities + More

Please enjoy these links, free resources and training opportunities. I hope you’ll find plenty of food for thought, plus some useful practical tools to help you along your journey towards making the world a kinder, gentler and more caring place.

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The Secret of Donor-Centered Fundraising: No Money Involved

The heart of donor retention: It's not about money

Donor-centered fundraising is not about money. Huh?  If that first sentence has you scratching your head, it’s time to take a moment. I know. You’re thinking this is just semantics.  You’re thinking that, of course, fundraising is about money.  You’re thinking we can pretend it’s about something else but, seriously, we need money to fulfill […]

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How to Use Nonprofit Social Media to Reinforce Donor Relationships

You can strengthen donor relationships using social media

To survive and thrive in the current zeitgeist, all nonprofits must master at least five skills, of which one is online social fundraising.  There are numerous reasons why this is so; today I want to focus on using social media strategies to build dynamic donor relationships. The chief reason this is so critical is that […]

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Clairity Click-it: Culture of Philanthropy; Content Marketing; Newsletters + Opportunities

Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying the week-end! Please also enjoy these links. There’s all sorts of interesting stuff for you on boards and fundraising, storytelling, newsletters that make money, how to get better results from snail mail and more.  You’ll find some great training opportunities and five (count ’em!) free resources. Culture of Philanthropy Click-it: Turning […]

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Making the Most of Matching Gifts: 6 Easy Steps


Imagine you’re baking a cake. You put in the flour, eggs, milk, and sugar, whip it all together, and put it in the oven for an hour. But, when the timer dings and you open the oven door, you find that instead of one perfect cake, you have two! This situation is physically impossible (unless […]

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