What Works; What Doesn’t? Nonprofit Year-End Email Appeals

What Works? What Doesn't?

I’m constantly watching my mailbox and inbox to find great examples of marketing communications that really do their job.  Sometimes I find examples that are so horrible I also have to point them out so you’ll avoid making the same mistake.  This week I’ve got a great example of a year-end email appeal. It says […]

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Clairity Click-it: Donor Communication; Ethics; Donor-Centered Leadership

Computer mouse, with mouse

We’re fast approaching the giving season. What better time to think about ways we can give back to our donors? If you’re developing a gratitude culture, you’ll do this by being donor-centered with every communication to your supporters. You’ll do it by acting ethically and putting your donors needs first. And you’ll do it by […]

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#GivingTuesday – How to Be a Winner

What does #Giving Tuesday mean to your nonprofit? To your donors?

In my last post, #Giving Tuesday, Win or Lose Day? You’re in Control I talked about the origins of the day and all the good intentions that went into its creation. Yet I’ve heard from many, many nonprofits that they just don’t have the bandwidth to develop and promote one more fundraising initiative during this […]

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#GivingTuesday – Your Win or Lose Day? You’re in Control

What does #Giving Tuesday mean to your nonprofit? To your donors?

Giving Tuesday. What’s it all about? Read about the origins here. It’s one of those things that sounds good on paper, but in actual implementation it can be less than ideal. Why? Because it comes right smack dab in the middle of most folks annual campaigns. So there’s often little time to do it right. […]

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Clairity Click-it: Social Media Engagement; Blogging Tips; Creativity; Science of Persuasion

Mouse with computer mousee

One of my favorite things to do is to raid the halls of business blogs to see what they’re doing that should be applied to nonprofit businesses. Sadly, we still seem to be last to the party when it comes to really thinking outside the box, adopting tried-and-true best practices (I don’t mean the shiniest […]

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How Your Nonprofit Appeal Response Device is Like Cheese

Like your reply device, this cheese plate makes a statement.

Working on your year-end appeal? Reworking and editing your copy? Thinking about your letter and package design? Great! But what about your reply card or remit envelope? Have you paid equal attention to this most important element of your fundraising package? Or do you wait until the very last minute, treating it like a nuisance […]

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9 Tricks to Boost Nonprofit Social Media Traffic and Engagement – Part 2

9 clouds

In Part 1 of this article we discussed four out of nine tricks to boost your social media traffic and build relationships with your target audiences. They included (1) optimizing your profile; (2) joining different networks; (3) crafting catchy, relevant titles, and (4) creating engaging content. Now it’s time to reveal the rest. Before I […]

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October Halloween Nonprofit Blog Carnival – Major Gifts Tricks and Treats

If your major donors are looking like this, you're not treating them properly!

  Fear not! The Halloween Nonprofit Blog Carnival is back, offering tricks and treats galore from nonprofit experts all around the web – a full Baker’s Dozen (or shall I say a Witches Coven)! — to help you find, cultivate, solicit and steward your major donors. When you trick and treat, you always like to […]

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9 Tricks to BOOst Nonprofit Social Media Traffic and Engagement – Part 1


Did I scare you with that big BOO!? Aw, shucks. Just trying to get you in the mood for Halloween. I want you to have more than a ghost of a chance at generating leads and converting visitors into supporters. And that’s why I’m offering up 9 tricks to help you make your social media […]

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Clairity Click-it: Think; Fundraising Habits; Donor Retention; Landing Pages

Boo!  Click-it!

Here are a bunch of October goodies for you. Treats to get you thinking about the role of philanthropy in society…  habits of the most effective fundraisers…  what it takes to grow loyal supporters… how to assure your website visitors don’t run from you screaming in horror…  and much more. And these treats won’t even […]

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