Clairity Click-it: Post Broken Arm Edition

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This is my first post-broken arm Clairity Click-it – especially hand picked (and I mean that quite literally!) for you. I’m still in a sling for at least four more weeks; maybe more. I leave you to enjoy the fruits of my perusing and one-armed pecking. The Future of Nonprofit Marketing

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You’re Not Alone: What To Do When You Start To Fail at Fundraising

It may be noble for the Captain to go down with the sinking ship, but a compelling fundraising offer it is not.

Once upon a time (around about 2008) a big mean recession cast its dark shadow over many a nonprofit. Grantors cut back on funding. Donors zipped up their wallets. Salaries and benefits got cut. Seasoned professionals were laid off, or left voluntarily. Others lasted awhile, but became increasingly discouraged. Six years out from the biggest [...]

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Just Puppy Love? 4 Ways Nothing Beats It When it Comes to Donors

How to build donor loyalty and take puppy love to forever love.

Do you know why your dog is not only your best friend, but your exuberantly best friend – a Best Friend Forever on steroids? Can anything be as joyous and lovingly loyal as a dog? Picture Snoopy doing the ‘Ode to Joy’ dance. Unbridled ecstasy. Happy, happy, happy. What makes Snoopy Charlie Brown’s BFF? My [...]

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If it’s Broke, Better Fix it: Two Disarming Truths

What's wrong with this picture?

Truths: Today, there are two things broken from my perspective: (1) my arm, and (2) the donor pyramid. Yup! I’m really not much of a camper, but had a momentary lapse in judgement over the week-end. Kaboom! Luckily, I managed to type up an article about the sad state of the donor pyramid prior to [...]

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8 Secrets to Building Online Relationships with People Who Matter – Part 2

pizza delivery

In Part 1 I covered how quality trumps quantity when it comes to networking with your supporter base. It’s not so much about counting fans as it is about developing fans you can count on. In this two-parter I’m offering 8 ways to reframe your nonprofit marketing and fundraising stewardship objectives so you actually get [...]

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8 Secrets to Building Online Relationships with People Who Matter – part 1

Man holding blank business card

Collecting — whether business cards, numbers of followers on Twitter or ‘likes’ on Facebook — is meaningless without a strategy to turn those relatively “blank” connections into meaningful relationships.  If your marketing and/or fundraising strategy is based on counting, it’s time to rethink this strategy. Collecting is merely the “on ramp to build new relationships.” [...]

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Clairity Click-it: Social Media Tips Galore Help Your Nonprofit Do More

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This is a special social media edition of the Clairity Click-it, since so many folks tell me they’re not doing as effective a job as they wish they were. Help is at hand! Take a look at these practical, and sometimes thought provoking, tips from some of my favorite nonprofit and for profit marketing gurus.

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How to Tap Into the Power of Social Media to Find Nonprofit Donors

Are you still using yesterday's tools to find today's donors?

Where do you go to look for new donors to support your nonprofit in 2014? If you’ve not yet tapped into the power of electronic communication to find new supporters – social, mobile, email, crowd funding, online donating — read my recent post on Maximize Social Business: The Answer to Finding Nonprofit Donors: Social Media. [...]

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Why Your Nonprofit’s Events are a Waste of Time

Are you seizing your opportunity? Or letting your 'thoners just fall into a black hole?

Fun events may bring in hundreds of attendees, but a fundraising event is not an end in and of itself.  Often the charity never sees these folks again (or at least not until the next event) because these folks are golfers or ‘thoners, not donors. These events are a waste of your precious resources. Don’t [...]

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Clairity Click-it: Psychology of Color; Connect to Audiences; Best Nonprofits to Work For

Red and green computer mouses

An eclectic mix this week – mostly designed to make you think.  We don’t take enough time to think about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, do we? In the end, thinking saves us a lot of time, preventing us from doing the wrong things (even if we do them the right way).  [...]

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