Quick Guide to Get Your Nonprofit “Crowd On”

Crowdfunding infographic Rad Campaign

I’ve been thinking a lot about crowdfunding lately. Bzz… bzz… buzz… buzz… Do you hear it? It’s the sound of the times. It’s the bees flying around crowdfunding campaigns like honey. Sweet, golden honey. Are you getting yours? With the mainstream shift into digital communication, and the advance of technology through online donation and peer-to-peer […]

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It’s Blog Action Day: Raise Your Voice Against Injustice!

This year's Blog Action Day issue is growing inequality - how can we make our world more just?

“RAISE YOUR VOICE”: Blog Action Day 2015 celebrates those who raise their voices to make the world a more just place. Let’s raise our voices to defend their right to raise theirs. In safety. Did you know today is Blog Action Day? I apologize for two posts in one day. I usually send my curated […]

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Clairity Click-it: Nonprofit Communication, Tools, Branding, Design, Metrics + Free Resources

Catch this Special Productivity Edition!

Catch this Special Nonprofit Communications Edition (includes year-end fundraising messaging)! This week’s Click-it is dedicated to the best ways to communicate your message as well as best ways to measure your success. All of this is super important as we approach the year-end fundraising season. Make sure your message is clear, catchy and relevant. Use […]

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#GivingTuesday or Gratitude Tuesday? Choose How You’ll Roll


Did you participate in #GivingTuesday last year? I’m hoping it was a great success from your perspective, but what about your donor’s perspective? What did you do to assure your donors felt like the heroes they are for making your mission possible? What can you do? What about thinking about what’s called #GivingTuesday a bit […]

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Foolproof Fundraising Trick Mom Knows and You Need

Do it because I said so!

Do it because I said so! I’m a huge fan of a too-little used tool when it comes to fundraising. It’s called behavioral neuroscience, and it’s pretty awesome stuff. Moms use it all the time without evening thinking about it. Moms. Just. Know. I’ll bet you even use it yourself. Unconsciously. But what if you […]

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Clairity Click-it: Major Gifts Edition

Catch this Special Productivity Edition!

Catch this Special Edition! It’s October! We’re entering prime fundraising season, and there’s no better time to sharpen your major gift skills. So this week’s edition is dedicated to exactly that. From prospect identification to cultivation to asking to follow-up. At the bottom you’ll find some new free resources, a chance to participate in a […]

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October Nonprofit Blog Carnival Call for Submissions: Tricks or Treats – How Do You Get and Sustain Major Gifts?

Scream Pumpkin

H E L P! I need major donors! I’m majorly S C R E A M I N G with delight to be hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival! So majorly, in fact, that the subject this month is TRICKS or TREATS – How Do You Get and Sustain Major Gifts? Tell us your tricks […]

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Clairity Click-it: Fundraiser’s Job; Year-End Tips; Social Media; Crowdfunding; Major Gifts

Mouse with computer mousee

Click it! The end of the year continues to approach, and prime fundraising season is upon us! So today we have a couple of articles to remind you what your real job is as you prepare your year-end campaigns and strategies. Plus, some tips to help you amplify your fundraising team. And a bunch of […]

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Why No Pain Trumps Gain in Fundraising Offers

toddlers fighting over toy

We really can’t stand to lose things – it’s something bred into us early on. I’m about to clairify a subtle but very important point about what motivates philanthropic giving. After all, that’s what the “Clairification” blog is all about. It’s often said that people give to people.  So true. But people are funny. People […]

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Clairity Click-it: Year-End Fundraising Planning Edition

Mouse clicking computer mouse

Click it! The Click-it is early this week since year-end is fast approaching, and I couldn’t wait to share these awesome tips to help you plan your year-end campaign! I’ve got a bit of everything here –  from finding email addresses to build your online mailing list… to tips on getting appeals read… to making […]

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