Clairity Click-it: Civil Society; Boost Blog Traffic; Email; More Gifts

This week's Clairity Click-it Gifts -- wrapped up in my blog. Open them!

Today I’ve got another eclectic Clairity Click-it mix of tips for you from both fundraising and marketing blogs. Plus I’ve got some real food for thought that goes to the heart of your fundraising and marketing strategy. Take a read, and see if you don’t find a nugget or two that makes you sit up […]

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Can’t Scan it? Ban it! 10 Reasons Nonprofit Appeals Tank

Get 10 Ways to Make Your Content Scannable

Stop Making Me — and Your Readers — Work If reading your appeal seems like hard work to me, than why should I bother? I work all day! If reading your appeal seems like a struggle for comprehension, then what’s the point? I struggle to understand stuff all day. My brain needs a rest. Even […]

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Clairity Click-it: Year-End Tips; Marketing; Social Media; Holiday Gifts


Today I’ve got an eclectic mix for you from both fundraising and marketing blogs. Everything is applicable to nonprofits, and lots of the advice is stuff you can use right away to increase your fundraising success. Then there’s stuff to help you plan for even greater success next year. Woohoo! Let’s begin with the stuff […]

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Plan a Donor-Centered #GivingTuesday Next Year. Start Now.

Your donors mean the world to you. How do you show them?

How did your #GivingTuesday go? I’m hoping it was a great success from your perspective, but what about your donor’s perspective? What can you do to assure your donors feel like the heroes they are for making your mission possible? Right off the bat, make sure you have a robust gratitude program in place. Thank […]

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How One Little Word Gets Donors to Give to Your Nonprofit

Will you be our friend? Never forget who your appeal is about.

In a recent Clairification post I told you I collect fundraising appeals. I suggested you do so as well. When you’ve got a nice little bunch, get together with your team and evaluate them. Figure out together what makes them work. There are some neat little tricks I’ve learned over my 30+ year career that […]

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Here’s How Often You Should Mail to Your Donors

How many times do you mail or email your donors?

I decided to write this post due to the number of times nonprofits ask me “How often should we mail to our donors?” The corollary question is “How often can we ask people to give?” The answer? Well… if there was one quick answer I wouldn’t have needed to write a whole article. I’d just […]

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Clairity Click-it: Special Announcement! Plus Content Marketing; Social Media; Year-End Fundraising & Weekly Gift

This week's Clairity Click-it Gifts -- wrapped up in my blog. Open them!

First a Clairity Click-it announcement: I’m deeply honored, humbled and proud that I made the Top 100, and Maximize Social Business (for whom I write a monthly column on social media for nonprofits) made the Top 50, of the Top Content Marketing Influencers on Twitter. If you’re not familiar with Maximize Social Business and its founder, […]

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How “Because I Said So” Gets Donors to Give to Your Nonprofit

Because I said so!

I’m a collector. I collect red and white kitchen memorabilia, flour sifters, tablecloths and fundraising appeals. I also tell my clients to become collectors (but just of the last item on my list!). I ask them to collect only appeals that demand their attention and cause them to give. After all, isn’t that the true […]

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What Works; What Doesn’t? Nonprofit Year-End Email Appeals

What Works? What Doesn't?

I’m constantly watching my mailbox and inbox to find great examples of marketing communications that really do their job.  Sometimes I find examples that are so horrible I also have to point them out so you’ll avoid making the same mistake.  This week I’ve got a great example of a year-end email appeal. It says […]

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Clairity Click-it: Donor Communication; Ethics; Donor-Centered Leadership

Computer mouse, with mouse

We’re fast approaching the giving season. What better time to think about ways we can give back to our donors? If you’re developing a gratitude culture, you’ll do this by being donor-centered with every communication to your supporters. You’ll do it by acting ethically and putting your donors needs first. And you’ll do it by […]

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