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  • Unlock Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Potential: The 7 Clairification Keys with 12 Worksheets and Exercises to Help You Attain Your Goals (Learn More)
  • Anatomy of a Fundraising Appeal Letter Plus Sample Template (Learn More)
  • Year-End Fundraising To-Do’s and Checklists – A Comprehensive Cheat Sheet (Learn More)
  • How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude and Keep Your Donors + Thank You Resource Guide (Learn More)
  • 40 Creative Ways to Thank Your Donors and Keep Them For Life (Learn More)
  • 48 hours: Your Complete Donor Acknowledgement Solution Kit (Learn More)

MAJOR GIFTS PLAYBOOK – Series of 4 Guides to help you raise the most money in the most cost-effective way possible

  • Get Ready for Major Gifts — What You Must Have in Place to Succeed (Vol.1) (Learn More)
  • Get Your Solicitors and Donors Ready for the Major Gifts Ask Strategy Workbook (Vol.2) (Learn More)
  • 50 Ways to Move Your Donor – A Major Donor Relationship-Building Tool Kit (Vol.3) (Learn More)
  • Anatomy of a Major Gift Ask – A Cheat Sheet (Vol.4) (Learn More)
  • Leadership’s Role in Major Gift Development – A ‘To-Do’ and Checklist (Learn More)

MAJOR GIFTS ACTIONABLE CHECKLISTS – Series of succinct, targeted Cheat Sheets to answer your questions about areas of major gifts challenges

  • Leadership’s Role in Major Gifts Development – a ‘To-Do’ and Checklist (Learn More)
  • How to Qualify Major Donor Prospects to Build a Manageable Caseload – Checklist (Learn More)
  • Major Gifts Matters: FAQs about Offering Donors Choices – Cheat Sheet (Learn More)
  • 10 Keys to Lay the Groundwork for Successful Asks – Checklist (Learn More)
  • Volunteer Solicitor Checklist – 10 Key Words and Phrases  (Learn More)

BLOGGING PLAYBOOK – Series of 4 Guides to help you raise awareness, integrate and leverage your content marketing and build dynamic relationships

  • Nonprofit Blogging “Get Started” Workbook + Resource Guide (Vol.1) (Learn More)
  • How to Write a Great Blog with Amazing Content for Your Nonprofit (Vol.2) (Learn More)
  • How to Use Your Blog to get People to Support and Engage with Your Nonprofit (Vol.3) (Learn More)
  • How to Promote Your Blog to Build Your Reputation and Supporter Base (Vol.4) (Learn More)


  • ‘Hop on Board’ Social Media Guide (Learn More)
  • The Clairification Thank You Calls eBook, FAQs and Sample Script
    (Free Download)
  • Get Started With Pinterest “Hop on the Boards” eBook and Pinteresting Resources Guide
    (Learn More)

Free Resource Guides

  • Creative Thank You’s Resource Guide
    (Learn More)
  • A Donor Is A Terrible Thing to Lose Resource Guide (Free Download)

Free Webinar Replays

  • The Keys to Nonprofit Blogging that Drives Engagement
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  • A New Era in Nonprofit Marketing: Why Winging It with Social Media No Longer Works
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  • Clever ways to thank donors: a Google Hangout hosted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy (Watch replay free)
  • Nonprofits: Don’t Wing It With Social Media (Watch replay free)
  • Every Ask You Don’t Make is a Gift You Don’t Get – How To Succeed With Major Gifts Fundraising (Access replay free)
  • A Donor is a Terrible Thing To Lose: Secrets To Getting More and Bigger Gifts (Watch Replay Free)

Free Audio

  • How to Ignite Your Board’s Passion for Asking
    (Free download)
  • The Power of Thank You — Where the Donor Relationship Begins (Free download)

What people are saying:

Thank you so much for writing the book “Anatomy of a Fundraising Appeal Letter”. Last year, I was told to fundraise even though I have never done that before. After buying and reading your ebook, I went on to create a fundraising appeal  and fundraised for my organization and I won the highest fundraiser amount for that campaign compared to all team members in my country.

— Melita Rahmalia, Charity Right

Bar none – the best webinar I have ever attended… Claire, thanks so much! Since I am a trainer and speaker myself, I know a good presentation when I hear/see one. Great work.

– Diana Brooks, Principal, Diana Brooks Associates

Was very impressed!  I tuned into your free webinar recording this morning and was very impressed!  We, as a non-profit, are fairly new to utilizing social networking/blogging, so many of the concepts you presented were quite timely. Thank you for the education you offer!

Barbie McNutt, Hope Pregnancy Center, Harrison, MI

Many of the attendees of my social media classes follow for tips… Claire – Thank you for sharing this great article. I have shared it on my FB and Twitter pages that many of  my social media students follow for tips after the class. So your writings will be shared in the U.S. and abroad. Well done!

 Sherry Hayes-Pierce Social Media Trainer, SkillPath Seminars

Most lucid, most succinct checklist I have read on the engagement process…  Should be required reading for all concerned with major gift solicitation.

– Giles Pegram, CBE, Fundraising Consultant, London, England

I came across your website and I hit the goldmine! I was asked to join a board and found I need to understand how to build a donor base from the ground up. I searched, only to find expensive consultants or free info that didn’t offer any helpful information.  Thank you for sharing so much valuable information!!

– Erica Martinez

It’s awesome! I’m participating in your Winning Major Gifts Fundraising Strategies course and have to say, it’s awesome! The information is extremely relevant and helpful.

Jen Simon, Development Director, Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper