Claire is a fundraising ninja

Joanne Fritz, Nonprofit Charitable Organizations Guide, About.com

I am convinced Claire Axelrad is the smartest person in fundraising.  Her articles are impeccably researched, deeply thoughtful, and invariably useful to me. Thank you, Claire.

-Tom Ahern, Ahern Donor Communications

Engaging your help was such a huge pivot moment for me and the Board.  We would never – not in a million years – have even dreamed of doing a significant challenge at our event without all of the teaching, support, resources and guidance that you brought to us. Sometimes there are these moments in life that you only realize in retrospect were miracles – and that is exactly how I look back at that decision to work with you on our fundraising engine!

– Julia Wilson, E.D., OneJustice

Utmost integrity and a brilliant mind
Claire is a superb professional, deep thinker and creative spirit in the service of philanthropy. I have worked with her in a variety of roles for nearly two decades, and have admired and supported her work. She is a person of utmost integrity, and a brilliant mind.

– Kay Grace, Principal, Transforming Philanthropy

Your piece on attrition, Claire, is dynamite. Amazing. It’s precisely on target. Congratulations.

–Jerry Panas, CEO, Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners

Brilliant summary of the whole “story v. stats” thing, Claire. Thank you.

–Tom Ahern, Principal, Ahern Donor Communications

Claire Axelrad has been a highly effective fundraiser for over 30 years and her blog is just a wealth of wisdom.  What’s particularly notable about Clairification is that although the work is based on decades of past experience, Claire is always looking forward as well.  She was the first among her veteran fundraising peers to embrace online and social fundraising and is now one of their most sensible and insightful proponents.  She’s a great resource!

 –Keith Heller, CEO, Heller Consulting

You have been absolutely terrific to work with. Your roadmap and assessment of where we are and where we can go has been so instrumental in having the board stop and think about our future.  Your audit is allowing us to move forward in tangible ways to improve our work so that we may help more clients in need of our services. I will count you among my many blessings throughout the year.

— Silvia Argueta, E.D., Los Angeles Legal Aid Foundation

The best Development Director in the world
I often refer to Claire as the best Development Director in the world. Claire is extraordinarily intelligent, providing the overall vision of philanthropy as a partnership with the community that has set the foundation for remarkable fundraising success. She sets a high bar for herself and her team, and her results are the best indicator of her contributions to the field and to whatever organization she is working for.

– Judy Schwartz, Administrator, City of Fremont, CA

I sincerely appreciate your free gifts.  I have studied them thoroughly and believe they will be most helpful in all future endeavors.  Thank you for sharing your thoughtful insights on PHILANTHROPY, not fundraising!

– Eva D Heroux, MBA, CFRE

Thank you for your brilliant blog. I have been a follower for many years and learnt so much from you. Ultimately,it translates into many more families  getting the support they deserve. You help me raise more money for my UK charity. Please never stop bringing the best out of me! You’re special.

– Anna Henry, Eric.org

Thank you for your candor and good advice, we have no shortage of fundraising experts who publish regularly, but you are one of the few that I read faithfully. Your material is always thoughtful and realistic.

Richard Ajulani, Senior Director Individual Gifts, LifeMoves

We love that you’re visionary and no-nonsense…resonates big time here.

MEG (Monthly Engaged Giving)

A pile of experience – having done it all and having seen it all
Claire Axelrad is Blogger, Consultant, Advisor and Guru. She has a pile of experience – having done it all and seen it all. Not only is her experience both broad and deep, her judgement is superb. She thinks precisely, writes clearly and focuses on substance instead of appearance. Her feet are on the ground. Her advice is solid,her insights are always on target and usually profound. She is interested in addressing issues and serving nonprofit leaders – not in hyping issues and impressing those leaders.

– John Burke, Founder, VisABILITY

Passion for serving her clients inspires me to help others
I had the pleasure of having Claire be a guest presenter on a recent board development audio series. Not only was her content creative and relevant but as a colleague, her passion for serving her clients inspires me to help others in a more meaningful way.

– Natasha Golinsky, Principal, Next Level Nonprofits

A guru of development with expertise in all aspects
Claire is an amazing thinker, strategist and collaborator. I consider her a guru of development, with expertise in all aspects of fund raising and marketing. She is forward thinking, an amazing planner, and extraordinarily knowledgeable about what works and doesn’t. In summary, she is the best!

– Amy Rassen, Principal, Rassen and Associates

I will be sharing your link with my students
Thank you, Claire, for the excellent and timely lesson based on the fundamental principles of great communications. I say “timely” because today happens to be the start of a lesson on social media strategies in my “Strategic Communications for Nonprofit Organizations” class. I will be sharing your link with my students.

– Mariana P. Danely, J.D., Professor, UCLA; Ashford University

Inspiration out the wazoo
Wow! Inspiration out the wazoo! Many thanks — I keep up with trends and lots of blog-posts to stay on top of my game. This goes way beyond technique and reaches deep inside to remind me why I’ve done this work for 40 years!

– Pam Montgomery, E.D., Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

Brings social trends, business best practice and organizational development together
I love your ability to bring social trends, business best practice and organizational development into our conversations. As a fundraising executive with an Organizational Development degree, I appreciate your contribution to my own growth.

— G. Meredith (McElwee) Betz, MSOD, CFRE, Director of Fund Development, Nemours Hospital

Claire, I knew the day I stumbled across your generosity, your wisdom, your compassion and your love for humankind I had discovered the very best. I hope you will take my using your inspiration as a sign of great respect and humble appreciation of your “clarity” on all matters philanthropic.

– Rich Geisel, Founder, Orchids of Light Foundation

Exactly what our profession can use
The title of your blog is exactly what our profession can use — clarification. You help us keep faith with the past while making sense of the present and future. You have a balanced and respectful understanding of what this is all about. Thanks.

– James M. Schaffer, Partner, Charity Springs

An incisive thinker and strategist
She is an incisive thinker and strategist, with a great ability to cull best practices in fundraising to reach hard-won goals. She is a strong writer and story-teller, as well, with an uncanny ability to touch people’s hearts and minds in the interest of a cause.

– Victoria Cooper, Principal, Cooper Communications

Most lucid, most succinct checklist I have read on the engagement process.
This is the best, most lucid, most succinct checklist I have read on the engagement process. Should be required reading for all concerned with major gift solicitation.

– Giles Pegram, CBE, Fundraising Consultant, London, England

Gets the importance of fundraising technology and the value that it brings
Claire gets the importance of fundraising technology and the value that it brings to fundraising operations. She’s committed to having it and seeing that it’s done right and well. As our society, donors, and fundraising support technology get increasingly more sophisticated, it’s important that fundraisers embrace technology as Claire does.

– Bill Connors, CFRE, Independent Consultant/Trainer on The Raiser’s Edge

Everybody involved in philanthropy should read this article
slowly and with a very opened mind and a willingness to take from it, the necessary components to change the manner and techniques we presently use in order to embrace what philanthropy is all about “Love”. I have no doubt it would be transformational.

– Tom Walsh, Business Development Exec., Active Retirement Ireland

Bar none – the best webinar I have ever attended… Claire, thanks so much! It was–bar none–the best webinar I have ever attended. Since I am a trainer and speaker myself, I know a good presentation when I hear/see one. Great work.

– Diana Brooks, Principal, Diana Brooks Associates

Fantastic! I just read your article “11 Warning Signs Your Nonprofit Social Media Might Actually Raise Money” and it was fantastic! We’re going to see if we can implement some of your wonderful ideas.

Mandy Strasser, Resource Dev. Dir., Food Bank, So. Colorado

Many thanks – this is terrific, impressive data! You are an impressive source. And I’ve been around a long time.

Sara Becker, Oakland Zoo

Claire, you consistently remind me of the proven basic facts of fundraising!! Thank you!! And I consistently share them with our team and with the newbie fundraisers I am mentoring….always giving you the credit.

-Margie McCurry, Fund Builders Alliance

The best resource for all kinds of fundraising insights.   Go to “HELP YOURSELF” on her website and check out all the free Webinars and eBooks. You can’t lose. She’s a genius.

Capturing the essence of what we do
Very inspirational and capturing the essence of what we do; spread the gospel of “love of humanity”.

– Bob Serow, Principal, RLS Consulting

I read your newsletter all the time and find your advice “spot on” and always usable. I pass it on consistently to the staff and other board members. I really appreciate all you do to help nonprofits. Thanks.

– Hal Leeds, Partner Global Sales & Marketing Consultancy, Working to Eliminate Poverty and Educational Inequality

A massive smile on my face
Sitting here with a massive smile on my face. Your words and approach are truly inspiring!

– Keith Wright, Founder and Marketing Director, Love Is

Could not make it any easier…  Claire Axelrad straightforwardly tells social media/marketing managers of nonprofit organizations that they need to change how they communicate with volunteers. This article could not make it any easier to learn the importance of social media and what you need to do once you decide you want to join the conversation.

UMV Charity Chatter

I came across your website and I hit the goldmine! I was asked to join a board and found I need to understand how to build a donor base from the ground up. I searched, only to find expensive consultants or free info that didn’t offer any helpful information.  Thank you for sharing so much valuable information!!

– Erica Martinez

We have been loving the work of Claire Axelrad since we came across her work, every blog of hers is insightful, well thought out and enlightening.

Good Eggs Storytellers

You remind me about what is most important and why I love this profession. I just discovered you and your blog about three weeks ago and I wanted to write today to say thank you for sharing your wisdom and expertise. I find your posts, new and old, so spot on. You nail it.

Heather Wardle CFRE, Vancouver BC

It’s awesome! I’m participating in your Winning Major Gifts Fundraising Strategies course and have to say, it’s awesome! The information is extremely relevant and helpful.

Jen Simon, Development Director, Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper

My spirits are lifted and my pages of notes will move me forward to interview in a more meaningful way. Thank you!
Ellen Bilney

Thoughtful and inspiring. Thanks, Claire! I am a regular- and I have forwarded your column and suggested subscribing as well. Keep up the good work.

Margot Harrigan, Corporate Development Officer, Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley

You are a forever flowing fountain of enormous information and a wealth of ideas. Thanks for being there for all of us small non-profits.
Sharon Coleman, St. Francis House

I’d recommend you sign up.  I signed up for about a dozen blogging fundraiser consultants, but have since canceled most of these subscriptions.  She’s one of two left standing.  I like how she organizes her thoughts about fundraising, and her conversation planning techniques are very familiar to me from my work as a prosecutor.  I believe that she was a practicing attorney and who changed careers like I have, and my best guess is that she was a litigator as well. This is a very good article and there are several other blogs (her own) that she links to within it, so even though this is a small article you could spend some time here.

— Cole Eason, J.D. ’92, Office of University Advancement, Rockhurst University

I’m subscribed to a million fundraising blogs and the one I consistently open and read most of, is yours. The content is always carefully curated and helpful, not just sales pitch after sales pitch for your own stuff. You stand out, in a good way.
-Juliane McLean, Development Coordinator, Bridgercare